Why Choose Julie?

The Benefits of Choosing Julie's Cleaning

1. Smaller operation = better service.

As a small business owner, I am very motivated to keep my clients happy. I know we need to provide you with a quality service for us to earn your business again.

2. I offer the same, quality services as the big guys.

I know how to perform the same services, and I use the same, quality products as the larger companies. Yet you have peace of mind knowing that I am insured and experienced - a big step up from someone who just cleans "on the side."

3. Courtesy is my middle name.

I know you're busy, and the appointment with the cleaning lady is not always at the forefront of your mind. That's why I always give you a courtesy text (or email) by 5pm the day before to confirm our appointment.

While cleaning your house, I am conscious of things like turning the lights off when I leave a room, not leaving doors open for pets to escape, not leaning things against the wall that could cause damage, and am careful handling your belongings.

I also reply quickly. If you have left me a voicemail, text, or sent me an email, I will almost always respond in some way within 24 hours.

4. Customize-able & attention to detail!

You can customize the cleaning you would like each time we come. Want to add ceiling fans this time? No problem. Do the blinds in this room, and baseboards in that room? You got it! We also pay attention to details your other cleaning person may have missed - the top ledge of the shower, the space between the washing machine and the wall, etc.


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